Come in, sit down and join the conversation. Our purpose here is to discuss a deeply important issue: Human sex trafficking.

We want to generate the conversation in hopes of educating the public and developing solutions for this global blight.

The content of our work is disturbing; therefore the content of this blog may at times be disturbing as well. Parents should limit their child’s involvement. Though we will discuss the atrocities and damage caused by pornography, prostitution and other sexual crimes, we will never post pornographic images and will discus sexual topics with the utmost class without disguising the truth or softening the ugliness of sex trafficking.

Some of you are veterans in this topic. Others are only vaguely familiar with the term. Our staff includes experts in this field. We are here to both learn and teach — to ask and answer questions. Our objective is to inspire a free, thoughtful and open dissection about sex trafficking. We welcome disagreements so long as they are respectful.

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3 responses to “Welcome

  1. Christine Little

    I wrote this poem one day as I thought about sex trafficking – particulary in the USA. I tried to get across she is an American girl (blue eyes, blond hair) in a supposedly secure world. I tried to bring out that only true security and healing can come from the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.
    Christine Little

    She was so young
    Curly blond hair
    Sparkling blue eyes
    She laughed and sang
    Danced and played
    Daddy’s little girl
    Mama’s whole world
    A bird free to fly
    A flower blooming
    Protected and innocent
    In the ways of a cruel world

    She failed to remember
    How she came to be
    In that small dark room
    All she knew had disappeared
    Lost in a nightmare
    Filled with hellish men
    Sold for perverse lust, hidden away
    From the eyes of a blind world
    Innocence lost, replaced with shame
    Joy seemingly gone forever
    Laughter now silent, replaced with tears
    Used by sinful desires
    Security shattered

    Her blue eyes have lost their sparkle
    Her curly blond hair
    Now lank and lusterless
    Her voice now silent
    Her body a shell
    Her soul cold and empty
    Forced to grow up
    Much to soon

    A light pierces
    The darkness of her soul
    A voice of hope
    Speaks gentle words
    She sees sunlight for the first time
    in nearly twenty years
    The walls she built for protection
    Begin to crumble about her heart
    And she finds strength
    To love, breath and hope
    Freed from the dark empty room
    Saved from hellish men

    She finds her parents
    Now aged with care and fear
    Together they rejoce in her return

    But still, in the dark of night
    The cold dread returns, the numbness
    Threaten to steal her again
    Depression fills her soul
    Remembering how they used her
    Perverse desires robbed her of her life
    Would she not be better were she dead?
    Her life during daylight
    Now filled with happiness
    And yet in the darkness
    Fear comes and brings
    Dreams of hellish men
    She will never forget
    Her voice silent still

    Still a shell, empty
    She cannot find within herself
    The strength to carry on
    Past the pain and the hurt
    She cannot reach beyond
    The haunting dreams

    A soft voice speaks
    Meaningful words of comfort
    A secure embrace envelopes her
    Gentle eyes cry
    His tears mingling with hers
    As He tells her how much He loves her
    More than anyone else can
    And for the first time she is truly safe
    Her voice now freed to sing again
    Wrapped in a great love
    Held by nail-pierced hands.

  2. Aaron

    This is an amazing poem! you hit your goal spot on! I like how you portrayed that even though she was free before physically, she wasn’t free mentally, emotionally, or spiritually until she found Christ.

  3. Marcia

    I pray for those who are trapped in this horrible life style, that an angel will bring them out, that Shared Hope will continue to have the means to rescue many more of them, and that they will find Jesus and find hope and strength and be delivered and healed from all the nightmares and heartaches and find out what God is calling them to do as they get healed and strengthened and helped and loved.


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