Contact Shared Hope

Thank you for your interest in Shared Hope International and the work we do. We are a leader in a worldwide effort to eradicate the marketplaces of sexual slavery…one life at a time.

We’re committed to answering any questions you have about our work throughout the world. To learn more, please contact us at:

Shared Hope International
P.O. Box 65337
Vancouver, WA 98665


Phone: 1-866-HER-LIFE


3 responses to “Contact Shared Hope

  1. Hi there! I just wrote a post for my crime blog about sex trafficking within the U.S. borders. Check it out! Please feel free to post it to your blog…I have linked Shared Hope to the article. Check it out!


    -Michelle Says So

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I urge you to contact Elizabeth Scaife at She will be able to point you in the best direction. because this is a letter, I have deleted this post, but I encourage you to continue posting on the blog!


  3. Dear Linda

    I thank God for meeting you at the conference in tacoma. I would love to partner in rescue and restore, I was wondering how can I work with you for Rescue. Since I started my non-profit organization I found 13th victims,and I have rescue them on my own,by going with a plan. Plan parenthood or throught a call or text somewere or another,they call me and, tell me were they are and I rescue .
    I was wondering about your safehome international, I would love to visit someday your ministry. How can I do that? or get involved with your rescue team international. My Board thinks that because we are small organization that I should be unbrella for a year by sharehope. . My Director of Board marilou Cole would love to speak to you. 360-426-8133

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