March Newsletter

Thanks to our partnerships around the world, Shared Hope International has established a tight but ever-expanding network of advocates who are dedicated to work with us to end child sex trafficking.

Every day, we work hand in hand with partners to strengthen their programs and a step closer to a world free of exploitation.

As our partnerships continue to expand, we would like to share some great stories from the field where from Jamaica to Missouri, we are working together to tackle this modern-day slavery.

“Today is my first day of freedom”

Shared Hope International partners with three organizations in the United States to provide services for survivors of sex trafficking. Despite the geographical differences, these partners work with each other to offer support in the best interest of the victim – communicating with each other, referring victims for specialize services and exchanging best practices. Whenever possible, each partner ensures that every victim is offered the best services available, as illustrated in a great success story thanks to the partnership between Courtney’s House and Veronica’s Voice.

This past January, Amber (name has been changed to protect her identity), an adult victim of domestic minor sex trafficking, was rescued from her pimp after being prostituted across America since she was 14 years old. Young and insecure, Amber was approached by a pimp at a mall who promised her everything she wanted. However, it wasn’t long before he was selling her on the streets and forcing her to use drugs. After 10 years of enslavement, suffering a drug addiction and desperate for help, Amber called the Courtney’s House hotline.

Funding from Shared Hope enables Courtney’s House to run a 24 hour survivor-led hotline. Tina Frundt, a survivor of child sex trafficking and Founder and Executive Director of Courtney’s House, was running the hotline at the time and answered Amber’s call. She was ready to leave her pimp, and Tina needed to figure out – fast – a safe place for Amber to heal.

Thanks to our strong community of survivor-led organizations, Tina knew the perfect place for Amber. Veronica’s Voice, a fantastic longstanding partner of Shared Hope, offers immediate services for survivors of trafficking. Tina called in the nick of time – Kristy Childs, Founder and Executive Director of Veronica’s Voice, was able to locate and secure a safe bed for Amber.

Amber safely fled her pimp and was greeted by Tina, who took her to get food and clothing. Amber, who had been under brutal pimp control for years, was finally free to make simple yet important decisions for herself again. Amazed that she made the toughest decision of her life, she looked to Tina and said, “Today is my first day of freedom.”

The journey has only begun but Amber is recovering well at Veronica’s Voice and continues to keep in contact with Tina. Thanks to the collaboration of these two amazing organizations, Amber is now on a path to healing and recovery.

Hebron House and Theodora’s Place Partner to Save Two Lives

Linda Smith (center) with Reverend Fowler of Theodora’s Place and Christina Milford of Hebron House.

When we hear of the successful partnerships that take place to save the lives of those victimized through sex trafficking, we realize that our smaller efforts are working to build a larger web for safety. Just recently Tasha (name has been changed to protect her identity) was rescued from sexual exploitation and is being provided services thanks to a collaborative effort by our two partners in Jamaica – Hebron House and Theodora’s Place.

Since leaving an abusive home at 13, Tasha struggled to find a safe environment to stay. Shortly after running away, she was recruited by an older man into prostitution. Tasha was trafficked for over three years, repeatedly raped by strangers for her pimps profit. Tasha arrived at Theodora’s Place a completely broken soul –  she had been gang raped a month previously and recently discovered she was pregnant.

Theodora’s Place is a shelter that serves young girls victimized through sex trafficking. However, due to Tasha’s pregnancy, Theodora’s Place needed to relocate her to a safe environment where she could stay and be provided with the services she needed for her unborn child. Thankfully, Theodora’s Place knew the perfect resource for Tasha – Hebron House. Hebron House provides a shelter facility and services for girls victimized through sex trafficking.

Since arriving at Hebron House, Tasha is receiving services that are helping her to unload the abuse she suffered through her sexual exploitation. Tasha’s path to recovery is long but she has recognized that she was a victim of exploitation and abuse – often the most important step for a survivor. She is attending school through Hebron House and is finally holding her head up high in confidence! When staff from Theodora’s Place recently visited her to check on her development, they were amazed by Tasha’s advancements! We look forward to hear more from Tasha’s achievements in the coming months.

Tasha with a staff member from Shared Hope during a partner visit to Hebron House and Theodora’s Place in Jamaica.

Tasha and Tara, both in their third trimesters of pregnancies, take a moment to give us a smile!

Although our partnerships with organizations and programs are important, our most valued partnership is with YOU. We appreciate each of your support and investment with Shared Hope International as we work together to ensure justice for these important voices who need your help to be freed from sexual slavery. Please take a moment to learn about our partnerships in India, Fiji, Jamaica and Nepal, in addition to our partners in the United States.

Many Thanks
Shared Hope International


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