Speaking Out

Raising and spreading awareness of the issue of sex trafficking is, unfortunately, still a big element of the overall movement towards eradication. There are still many common misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about the extent to which sex trafficking occurs both abroad and in the U.S. The average person isn’t confronted with and doesn’t have to (or want to!) think about what a victim of sex trafficking must endure. Many people, including influential people in the media, use the word ‘pimp’ lightly or even with a positive connotation without any reference to the real horrors pimps inflict on the girls they control. And when it is often an average American man who is the consumer of sex in the sex trafficking equation, whether it be within our borders or abroad, it becomes incredibly important to raise these issues in everyday conversation.

The taboo that surrounds this topic must be broken and voices that highlight the basic human rights violations that are at the center of this issue must be raised.

This is perhaps an easy task for those that are deeply entrenched in the fight to end sex trafficking – those that work for any number of organizations that address the issue. But, another segment of the population must also be held accountable for spreading this awareness. There are many people who become aware of the realities of sex trafficking simply by reading a news article about it or by stumbling upon a sex trafficking organization’s website and maybe watching an informative video or two. Once information about the problem is gained, it can be part of a toolkit that each and every person who knows about sex trafficking holds in their back pocket. And each time it’s possible to do so, these people should broach the subject with friends, coworkers, and family for this casual, person-to-person spreading of information is one pivotal way to make people think twice about their world. It may even influence one of those that choose to buy sex to step back and think about the damage they may be doing.

It doesn’t take experts or people that are heavily dedicated to the cause to spread important ideas and knowledge about the problem of sex trafficking. All it takes is a few minutes of research and the will to take a few minutes to talk about the findings with someone else. And isn’t that a small price to pay for the chance to mobilize others to eradicate the sex trafficking market and save the lives of millions of girls?


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