Don’t Just Give a “Gift”…Save a Life

In most countries, a baby conceived in the agony of the sex-trafficking underworld – the disgrace and shame of rape – is simply an abortion waiting to happen.

Shared Hope International is a non-profit organization that exists to rescue and restore women and children in crisis.

We recently rescued a young pregnant girl named Sharmia from a terrifying life of sexual slavery. Through God’s grace and the compassion of people like you, she chose life for her unborn baby, and now she and her baby are in the safe refuge of our care.

This Christmas, you can join us, and be a part of giving hope, by changing the life of a young victimized girl trapped in the horrors of the sex slave industry.

For a short time, you can double your impact through our $50,000 “Mothers & Babies” Matching Challengeeach dollar you give before December 31 will be matched!

Please take a moment to browse through Shared Hope International’s brand-new Gifts of Hope Online Catalogue – and consider saving a life instead of buying a gift this Christmas season.

And remember, through our “Mothers & Babies” Matching Challenge, your donation will be matched up to $50,000 … its impact literally doubled!

P.S. You may also want to honor your friends, family, and associates by giving a gift on their behalf.  That person will receive a handwritten Christmas card with a picture of Sharmia and her baby from Shared Hope International, stating that a Gift of Hope was given in their name.

If you’d like to learn more about Shared Hope International and our global efforts to rescue young women and children, visit us online to request your FREE copy of Linda Smith’s book, “From Congress to the Brothel: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Restoration,” today!

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