When Laws Conflict

The dissonance between federal and local state laws have always seems to make the line of legality blurry.  Just yesterday it was publicized that there is a disagreement between federal anti-trafficking law and that of the state of Minnesota.  An article from the Associated Press explains that while federal law requires some sort of force or coercion (or for a child to be under age) for a sex act to be considered sex trafficking, in Minnesota all acts of prostitution are considered to be trafficking acts.


The general disparity on legal terms leaves local authorities conflicted on who to prosecute and how to do so.  This is an indicator of a greater problem worldwide.  How human sex trafficking is defined and how it is enforced throughout the world tends to vary greatly.  The lack of cohesion on such a globalized issue threatens to be problematic to those trafficked souls who crave freedom, justice, and vindication.


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