Where There are People, There are Those who are Prostituted

While watching both McCain and Obama speech at their respective National Conventions (the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention) I thought of the impact that this election would have on human trafficking.  What had never crossed my mind was the extent to which this kind of a large gathering would have on the respective cities and to what extent trafficking issues would be affected.  I recently read an article that discussed that a huge gathering of people would spur human sex trafficking in the cities (given the unusually high amount of people flooding into them).  I then proceeded to do more research to see how much this issue is actually taken into account.  What I found was disturbing.  While the local authorities at convention cities assure the public that there will be little change in the commercial sex industry, anecdotes from some of the women tell a different story.  According to one local Colorado newspaper, the rate at which men buy sex does increase.  Local women who are prostituted and their pimps get more business during these large conventions. The extent to which the sex trafficking industry infiltrates and affects the world is much greater than I had ever imagined.


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