Will the conventions raise the amount of prostitution?

Many large events and conventions have been shown to raise the amount of prostitution in an area in the past.  With the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the Republican and Democratic Conventions approaching, there is a possibility that the numbers of prostitution and sex trafficking will rise.  This year the Republican Convention is taking place in the Twin Cities and those who are fighting sex trafficking have taken a stand.  They are raising awareness and want everyone to know that women are not for sale in their state.  The Democratic Convention is taking place in Denver and those in that state have also taken a stand against sex trafficking in their area.  Police officers in both communities do not believe that there will be a rise; however, groups that work daily to fight this are saying otherwise. For four days there will be an influx of around 35,000 people all in one area, a prime time for traffickers to take advantage of the increase in population. 


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