Marching to a New Beat: can music inspire a new generation of activists?

Next Thursday, Fair Trade Pictures, Different Drummer, and International Justice Mission will debut their new documentary film CALL+RESPONSE – featuring undercover footage from Shared Hope International!

Set to abolitionist songs and recorded by some of today’s hottest artists, CALL+RESPONSE is a rockumentary filmed to raise awareness to the global issue of modern slavery.  It is a different approach to an issue that has sparked numerous documentaries, yet remains largely veiled from public attention.

This generation is one that is inspired by a song, moved by a cause, and passionate about changing the world. MTV’s EXIT Campaign is designed to inspire young adults to take action against human trafficking and makes an appeal through music. Both the CALL+RESPONSE rockumentary and MTV are taking an edgy, cool approach to combating this pervasive issue. If recording artists continue to make the motivation behind their music a cause—as they do in CALL+RESPONSE—they have the ability to ignite a new generation of activists.

For additional cause-centered music, check out:

Mr. J. Medeiros (Independent hiphop artist) “Constance Campaign

Wyclef Jean “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)

RadioHead “All I Need” – MTV EXIT Campaign

M.I.A. “Paper Planes


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