Protecting Our Youth

In 1865 slavery was abolished in the United States. However that has not prevented criminals from turning our children into twenty-first century slaves. Today’s child sex slaves or domestic minor sexual trafficking (DMST) victims live in the most deprived conditions: they are abused mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Traffickers have become experts of deception; they know exactly what words to say and what punishments to perform in order to obtain complete control over their victims. They first compliment their victims and give them a sense of security and reassurance only to steal it away piece by piece. The victims are broken emotionally and isolated from society, family and friends; all done in order to make them completely dependent on the pimp and controlled by a fear that forces them to perform countless commercial sex acts a night.

Many of our children are falling into the traps of these pimps because they lack self-esteem and do not feel loved. In order to prevent this from happening we must protect our children. We need to provide them with the reassurance and affection they need to grow up to be confident people. We need to become better mothers, brothers, cousins, friends, neighbors, and look out for our youth.


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