Is prostitution victimless crime? Look closer.

There is an incorrect notion out there that prostitution is a victimless crime.

There is a falsehood that has been perpetuated by aspects of our society that paint the women and girls who are pulled into that life as super models in disguise. They are often seen as women who are beautiful, intelligent – university student by day, classy woman having $1,000 dinners by night- or delinquents who are just “bad girls”. She is in control always and the men with her are secretly in love, offering the world to her in turn for a few hours of “friendship.” They never get more than she is willing to give and they always treat her with respect.

It is a total lie.

The women and girls involved in prostitution are far from “Pretty Woman” and “Moulin Rouge.”

Most of the women involved have been sexually abused as children or were drawn into prostitution as children. There are drugs, alcohol, and abuse – psychological, physical, sexual. There are deadlines with consequences, and multiple men in a night. The psychological affects, the ups and downs, the dehumanizing way they’re viewed, the roles they’re forced to play. The abuse that goes into their lives is endless and permanently damaging. Women in prostitution are treated more like commodities than people. They are reserved like rental cars, treated like disposable objects and seen as a fix, a way for a john to fulfill a selfish urge and feel power. There is anonymity involved, but that obscurity masks a world of powerlessness.

When the MySpace profile of the girl Elliot Spitzer hired was broadcast to the world she was represented as a fun loving, sexual girl, your ‘average twenty-something’. She was just another girl with high dreams, struggling to make it in NYC by any means possible. The newspapers pulled one quote off her blog that said, “I love my life” and used that to show she didn’t mind what was happening to her. They glazed over the abuse in her background. There were reports that the media attention surrounding her and Mr. Spitzer would actually help her career. Nowhere was there talk of getting her help, of the other girls in the service, of the true reality of her life.

And there’s the rub. She was used (again) to justify an end. Look – she’s a prostitute and here’s a picture of her on a boat, smiling, happy. She said she loved her life so…prostitution is okay. That was the sad conclusion drawn by the early morning shows and the evening news reports.

There is nothing glamorous about prostituted girls and women. And the longer this lie is allow to permeate our society the harder it will be to change the way they’re viewed.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the truth. I have not watched the news or any TV lately, being away at school. I am surprised and saddened to hear of that wrong view of Ms. Spitzer being published.

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