…and we’re back! Introducing our new and improved blog

Shared Hope International has returned to the blogosphere!

Our blog was, and still is, a forum where concerned world citizens can express their thoughts about human trafficking.  It is intended to be a useful resource for people with all levels of understanding.  Whether you are a student new to the issue or an anti-trafficking veteran who has been in the field for years, we offer something for everyone.

The Shared Hope blog will be cutting edge and complete with new media.  Stop by our page to watch posted videos, hear radio interviews, and view photographs of anti-trafficking efforts across the globe.  In addition, we will have links to pertinent news articles and current research so check back often!

However, our departure won’t completely eschew the traditional.  Good old-fashioned writing analysis and opinions about the topic will be featured.

We hope this blog will bring you closer to the subject of human trafficking and connect you to some of the actors in the movement.  Blog entries will be contributed by a chorus of voices, including various experts within our own organization as well as from others.  This space should be used for both discussion and debate and we welcome all of your questions, comments, and concerns.

By reading this blog you are already taking the first step towards eradicating human trafficking by educating yourself.  Thank you for your interest in Shared Hope International, we hope you visit us often.



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2 responses to “…and we’re back! Introducing our new and improved blog

  1. HotBeans

    Congrats on the move over to WordPress… it’s a great blog platform. I hope this allows more connection with those who care about the SHI cause.

  2. Jennifer Ross

    The sex industry is the most destructive industry on the planet. Even women who “choose” this lifestyle are slaves, reliving their childhoods of sexual abuse in an endless cycle of self destruction. The mainstream media pushes the glamourization of selling sex because it sells products. Prostitutes are the living dead.

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