Judge issues life-long ban from Internet

A federal judge lowered the gavel on a Keesler airman Dec. 19, by sentencing him to a lifetime without Internet access.

According to the Air Force Times, Airman 1st Class Joshua Lee Griffith, pleaded guilty to possessing images of children engaging in sexual acts. They were stored on Griffith’s hard drives, thumbdrives, CDs and floppy disks.

Although the judge could have given Griffith 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, perhaps his sentence was even more costly.

Griffith was sentenced to three years in federal prison after which he is to register as a sex offender, undergo drug testing and never again access the Internet.

While few have much sympathy for a man who enjoys looking at images of statutory rape, we should also question a sentence which may hinder the man’s ability to ever again contribute to society.  Of course we all lived without the Internet as recently as 15 years ago, but things have changed so much now it is the standard avenue of business. 

Griffith will never again be able to check his online balance on his checking account, send or receive emails (more and more a primary form of communication) or participate in corporate teleconferences.  With such a restriction can this former pilot find employment after his jail time?

Sure I’m glad this predator won’t be lurking around my child’s inbox, but was there a better way to handle this?



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2 responses to “Judge issues life-long ban from Internet

  1. whitney

    Who gives I ^%$& if this man can ever use the internet again. As far as I am concerned, when he downloaded images of children being raped he forfeited the normal “rights” that he had before he did this disgusting thing. Because of HIM, children are being stolen, raped ,beaten, enslaved and every other disgusting thing you can imagine, because WITHOUT men like him, there would BE NO CHILD PORN because there would not be a market. When you commit a heinous crime, you forfeit the rights we are given . And lets face it, not being able to use the internet is not on a par with having his eyes gouged out (as he would have had done in some less “civilised” country) So Boo hoo… he can’t check his bank account in line.

  2. Daniel

    I know the Airman personally. The evidence against him is incorrect. He had a CD with incriminating material. His PC was clean. It does not matter though, the crime is the same. He was also never a pilot. We both did computer repair/networking. This makes the sentence much worse. His primary skills were with computers. I won’t deny that he was not an odd person. He was quite brilliant. He could often be found reading math textbooks for fun or rewiring electronic devices. If you only realize that this is a person, you could see why the ban is truly extreme. I understand doing time for the crime, but isn’t helping him a better solution than just punishing him? I believe pedophilia is as much of a crime as being homosexual. It’s who you are. Acting towards children is the crime.
    Whitney, how does him having pictures help this “market” you speak of? Does anyone pay for that material? Aside from small groups, NO. A vast majority of this kind of porn is found for free. If you do a little research, you would find most CP was created by the police, at least ten years ago. There is far too much hype about the threat this poses.

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