Motive to Deny

“Shinzo Abe refutes Japan’s role in establishment of Comfort Zones” — Such have been the headlines of major news outlets around the world in recent days.


The headlines refer to the new Japanese Prime Minister’s denials of the trafficking of thousands of Korean (and other) women to battlefield “comfort stations” to sexually “serve” Japanese soldiers. The news that Abe denies Japan’s involvement is disturbing but not new. 

The women were forcibly importing from many countries in the 1930s and 1940s. Comfort Stations were a means of protecting soldiers from STDs and giving them combat prowess. Japanese equate sex with good health and well-being.

Abe, the first postwar prime minister in Japan, refutes evidence by scholars, and other policymakers that comfort women produced victims. But WHY? Yes, Abe is a nationalist. Yes, he was born after the war — but does that excuse him from honoring the testimonies of many victims and the evidence of scholars who have the military documents to prove that comfort zones were created in a systematic way?

There must be more to his refutations. Perhaps he is protecting the business of human trafficking that continues unabated in Japan today and contributes millions to the country’s GNP?


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