“No cover for girls before midnight!”

Bars do it all the time: “Ladies drink free,” “No cover charge for girls,” and so on. Ever ask why? 

“Bar and club owners definitely exploit women,” said Gary Miller, a senior at New York University, who wrote an article in November headlined “Girls exchange dignity for attention in trendy clubs” in the Washington Square News, New York University’s student newspaper. “Women become a commodity of the establishment that owners use to draw male patrons in. I think the reason most men go to bars and clubs is to find women. This is why they’ll pay a cover charge while women get in free; they’re paying for the women inside. Bar and club owners know this. They know the success and appeal of their establishment depends on the quantity and attractiveness of the girls inside.” His quote also appeared in an article by Liz Funk of Women’s eNews titled “Sacrificing Dignity for Attention: How Underage Women Have Become Club Commodities.”

It’s yet another argument of how the public at-large has become willing participants in fueling the demand for young girls, strengthening the grip the commercial sex industry has on our culture.

A thin veneer of “girls just want to have fun” covers the reality that these young ones are simply product for an ever growing demand of sexual escapades by men. And many night clubs/bars are more then happy to supply that demand for a profit.

We need to recognize that there is an industry out there that is very intentional about recruiting our daughters so that money can be made off of their exploitation. Can we raise a generation of women that see the difference? I think so, but it has to begin with all of us saying enough is enough and holding these facilitators accountable.


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