Pole Dancing: coming to a gym near you

Everyone knows you need to switch up your exercise routine from time to time to stay motivated. But a new fad sweeping the nation has gyms adding new peaces of apparatus to their aerobic floors – poles. In the true spirit of cultural tolerance, which encourages men to “release stress” with an “adult magazine,” tells parents that Minnie skirts and belly shirts are appropriate fashions for their 6-year-olds and that selling your body for sex is a viable career choice, we now hear that pole dancing is “good exercise.” I came by this modern wisdom in a Style Magazine provided by the Hyatt I staid at during our annual Sharing the Hope weekend in November. Monica Hesse wrote glowingly about the fun she had trying the “exercise” in Laurel, Md. In her article titled “You Sexy Thing: Pole dancing is the area’s hottest new obsession,” she listed her top 10 reasons to try pole dancing: 1) you don’t get to wear hot pants to your spinning class. 2) You can practice it on the Metro. 3) Your boyfriend will never want to visit a strip club again. 4) If he does, you can come along and befriend the strippers to pick up some new moves. 5) Three words: Demi More’s butt. You’ve seen Striptease. You know what we’re talking about. 6) Firemen shouldn’t have all the fun. 7) You were considering a career change, anyway. 8 ) Finally, an excuse to rent Showgirls. 9) Those stilettos have just been gathering dust in your closet. 10) Bring it up on the first date and you’re guaranteed a second one. Miss Hesse, I thought the women’s movement freed us from being viewed as one-dimensional objects. Is this progress?  Miss Hesse describes the erotic floor work they used to warm up, then walked her reader through the class taught by an instructor she calls Dream. She quotes a 25-year-old in the class as saying, “My first class, I was intimidated by the stereotypes of pole dancing – that it was sleazy or vulgar. But once I saw the instructors, I realized that done well, it’s an art form that makes you feel good about yourself. Everyone has a right to feel beautiful.” She wraps up her slinky review with an interesting confession: “By the end of the class, I’m bruised and battered,” but she calls the routine “addictive.”


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