The next wave of exploitation – Virtual Sex Websites…

 …Where girls are recruited by the thousands to entice on-line viewers.

This growing vehicle of the sex trade continues to blur the legal lines of prosecuting the perpetrators and protecting the victims. It is easily becoming one of the largest money makers for online traffickers. These sexy sites are part of a global marketing strategy by the commercial sex industry that has multiple layers to it and are billed as “adult communities” therefore less attention is given to them as places of exploitation.  

But they aren’t entirely flying under the radar of those fighting commercial sexual exploitation. At least on blogger who calls himself “Uncle Lewis” (also known as “The Doc.”) went through the trouble of posting his lengthy research on his blog: “The key to this global network of web-content providers rests on a widespread system of small studios – run by independent sub-contractors. What one sees on line are simultaneous feeds from many different web-cam studios in different countries and even different cities within those same countries that are feed simultaneously on to one website. These same studios may supply “web content” to more than one web-content provider at once – so the same girls may appear one week on the DHL sites and then be assigned by their Studio bosses to work the next on another web-site – Flirt4Free or LiveJasmin for instance – sometimes under the same screen name but often under a different one.” 

 “Camming” (web cam websites with cam models) are the latest rage of the sex trade. But the often smiling cam models hide the reality of their abuse. What parameters or laws should be in place to protect the innocent?

 Uncle Lewis posses some interesting questions and commentary: Against a background of high unemployment among women university students and the feminization of poverty across Eastern Europe is the growth of the web-based, video chat industry a lesser evil that’s a necessary one? Does it provide a safer alternative to a risky job-search abroad? Or do the moral harms inflicted on students and “youth” through their participation in this kind of long-distance learning program that schools them the sexology of emotional cruelty and sexual pathology outweigh the relative safety and “easy money” of doing this kind of safe sex online” part-time?

So far this growth of this online industry seems to be an expression of the “mainstreaming of porn and sex work” in Central and Eastern Europe as well as The Russians. But apparently not some kind of “sex slavery” that tied to the mafias involved in human trafficking out of Bulgaria, Moldavia, Romania, Russia and the


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