Walk-By Porning Warning!

The question of the day: Can you roll over “anytime porn minutes?” 


In Utah, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff announced he’s fighting back against the growing trend of cell phone porn.  For a monthly fee, pornography users can download images directly to their cell phone, any time, any place.  This trend is particularly disturbing for the parents of kids and teens who often use cell phones away from home and unsupervised.

Shurtleff says, “I’ve talked to pornographers. They know it’s addictive. That’s why they want to push it into our homes, push it onto our cell phones, push it anywhere kids are. Because once they start looking at it, they’re going to be sucked in.” 


The rise of cell phone porn is reminiscent of the phenomenon of “drive-by pornings”, the first wave of which hit when SUVs began coming standard with TV screens.  When parked at a red light, whatever is playing on the screen is visible to passengers in other cars, including kids.  I was once hit by a drive-by porning in traffic on I-66 in
Virginia.  It’s quite disturbing to check your blind spot and instead get an eye-full of hard-core.  With the dawn of cell phone porn, what’s next? Walk-by porning?


The porn industry argues that protection of personal freedom allows them to make and distribute their product.  However, now that porn has left the bedroom (and come into our cars and pockets), where is our right to have a porn-free day?


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