TV Takes on Trafficking

Human trafficking has become – pardon the pun – a sexy topic for primetime television. CBS’s drama series “Criminal Minds” addressed the scourge on Dec. 20 with what I think was good accuracy.

 The 60-min. drama portrayed a little boy whose Dad was auctioning him off to child predators and making him live in a container! It hit home for me having documented countless such real-life cases. However, the FBI investigators on the show, of course, seem to solve the crimes quickly and easily. The middle-aged, white male buyer, a school teacher, was caught and ended up helping the FBI in their hunt for the trafficking-father.

  I was intrigued by the public acknowledgement that this crime happens in the U.S. by seemingly normal people, but was equally perplexed over why the storyline is being used as entertainment. Is CBS acting responsibly in portraying human trafficking in this way?


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    Not many people know what is being shared here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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